Shannon has been working as Spiritual Coach and Angel intuitive for over 15 years. Shannon Lynn Verhelst has received training in Raindrop Technique, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing Touch, Relaxation Massage, Reading Aura and Crystal Healing. Facilitating the Ionic Detox foot bath is another way she helps her clients to balance physical, emotional and mental energy. She believes the focus must be on body, spirit and mind.

Shannon has chosen to live her life as a healer and a helper. As a licensed spiritual coach, certified spirit medium, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur and humanitarian. She strives to live in a state of awareness.

As a light worker she knows it is important to keep her energy in the state of love and above.

As a youngster Shannon often felt that there had to be something more then this. In her early 20's she experienced some difficult situations and loss of loved ones. A sudden loss of a close family member in 2004 left her wanting to know more. She began studying and reading everything she could get her hands on. Learning about life after death, meditation, spirituality and connecting with angels. She is a huge fan of the work of Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh and Byron Katie.

Once she started walking the path of light and love she did not want to stop. She has experienced many lesson along that way that has brought awareness.

Shannon strives to use all of her training and tools to bring her clients light and love.
She believe each of us has special abilities and a important life purpose. Her high level of intuition helps to bring divine guidance through during the readings and she enjoys helping people connect with their angels.

Channeling with her team is a very special gift. Shannon believe this has been bestowed upon her for diligently working with the angels for many years. The group she works with consists of seven beings of light. She is very pleased to connect you with her team to bring you guidance and awareness. The information that comes through is a direct line of communication. We are all on a journey which is sometimes tough. Shannon is here to assist you towards self discovery. She has a deep compassion for assisting others and would love to help you too.  Together we move forward to a place of greater inner peace and happiness.

The Beings of Light Shannon Channels Are:

Shannon receives divine guidance from these sources:

Elijah - Brings peace and understanding.

Arch Angels - Releases fears, anxiety and resentment. Brings about unconditional love, healing and acceptance.