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Spiritual Guidance

This reading which is a 1 hour session will be offered by phone, FaceTime or from my home office. Using my intuitive gifts I bring you a channeled message from my team. During these readings loved ones spirits may also come forward to bring special messages. You might even make discoveries about life purpose, health, career, relationships, past lives and more. Spiritual coaching techniques will be suggested to help you reconnect with your higher self. Questions are welcomed and oracle cards may be used for you to gain insight.

Angelic Guidance Via E Mail

A very special service offered via e mail. This reading which is full of light and love brings awareness and can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.  From the oracles... messages from the angels brings divine guidance on the past present and future. The 3 specific messages help heal and following their guidance will bring about many blessings. Please feel free to request specific guidance.

Gift of love

This unique service provides a extra cushion of love during difficult times. A popular choice as a special gift to yourself, a friend or loved one. Divine guidance will be sent out each day for a month. Plenty of love and light will be coming your way. Bringing positive inspiration and assisting with embracing the loving presence of your angels who are eager to help.
Just $4.16 a day !   $125

Energy Healing Session

This session will begin with receiving a message from Arch Angel Raphael the angel of healing. You will choose just the right oracle card to bring divine guidance for health and wellness. As you relax lying on the massage table a chakra blanket will be placed over your body. Many modalities can be used during this session. Energy clearing, reiki, iet, sound therapy ,crystals healing or tuning forks. All is meant to balance your bodies energy and reactivate the chakras. This session is all about releasing lower energy and stepping in to a higher vibration.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

This 1 hour treatment consists of a 30 minute detox foot soak. The circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions through the body. The ions from the foot bath release oppositely charged toxins in the cells that normally are very slow to exit the body naturally. Did you know the feet have 4000 Large pores? This treatment allows the body to rid itself of toxic substances that have built up in the system. Just sit back and relax while you detox through the feet. Alkaline and Acid levels will balanced and your feet will feel energized. The soak is followed by a 15 min foot and calve massage with essential oils. A report will be receive which indicates which body systems received the most benefit.

Gift Certificates

Gift of Emailed Angel Reading



"The energy healing work of Shannon Lynn Verhelst is quite simply - amazing. I have experienced her gift on more than one occasion. All were when I was in a bad, troubling place in life, and Shannon, through her connection to the angels, guided me out of that place with love, tenderness and advice. There have been days and nights that I have felt empty - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically - and Shannon could feel my emptiness.....she would contact me and ask if I could use some guidance or word from my angels? Shannon has been a huge source of guidance and inspiration in my life - give her the chance to use her energy healing work on you - you will be quite simply - amazed!!!!"
~ Lorrie Fiechter

"I feel very blessed to be able to work with a very gifted and lovely lady named Shannon. She provided me with a energy clearing session which I loved. The session allows me to release negative emotions or laugh if that's what I need. The energy she shares with others is truly amazing. I am very thankful for the guidance and advice I receive through Shannon and her spiritual team. I find the chakra balancing very helpful and calming."
Love & peace ~ Wendy Verbeurgt

"Shannon is a highly gifted earth angel. Her open and loving heart allows her to connect to the other side to receive the guidance needed to help those of us here who are in need of it and searching for some "soul awareness". She has helped me many times on my own life path with many messages from "the other side". This has helped me to continue on my own life mission and know that I have been divinely guided thanks to Shannon's incredible gift. I am so happy that she shares herself and her messages with the world. She is helping hearts and lives to heal. She has helped me many times with her messages that life is about living with passion, purpose and love…"
Author of "Ryken's Journey" ~ Pamela Larocque

The Ionic Detox foot baths is a very relaxing treatment . I find it helps release toxins from my system and allows me to feel healthier. Shannon is wonderful at what she does and makes the experience so much better with a foot and leg massage and a nice cup of tea."
~ Jolyne Cherpin